Small and mighty!



The story of a small & mighty studio working out of a historic building across from Madison’s favorite brewpub.

Swink is an interactive branding studio in Madison, Wisconsin. We are boutique by choice. We wear many hats and answer our own phones. We sit across the table from you, ask a lot of questions, and listen before we speak. Call us and we will get to the meat of what you need, without the rigamarole.



Read up on the strange and wonderful folks who answer the phone when you call.

Shanan Galligan

Shanan Galligan Founder / Nerd

Shanan was raised by artists and entrepreneurs. Commerce and art, he was practically bred to start this little shop. He loves words. He does math in his head. He’s always had expensive pencils. The first couple months, it was just him and his dog. Since then, he’s attracted an incredible stable of brilliant designers to help bring thoughtful, carefully considered design to the world.

He is the father of three young girls and is often surrounded by sticky, beeping, pink plastic. He sometimes daydreams about sleeping.

Yogie Jacala

Yogie Jacala Partner / Play-Doh Expert

Yogie hates writing in the third person, but will do so, for the purposes of her profile. Manila-born and Chicago-raised, Yogie stands at a petite 5-foot, but can karate-chop your ass in two seconds. Just kidding. She doesn’t like fights. What she really likes is art. She has been making stuff for over a decade and still enjoys it. So that’s gotta say something.

Thumbs up: family, rainy day naps, kind gestures, classic movies, painting, snapping pics, chips and salsa, childhood, chocolate

Thumbs down: dirty tupperware, rodents of any kind, big egos, parking tickets, losing stuff

Jarrod Beglinger

Jarrod Beglinger Partner

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jarrod brings an outlook shaped by global experiences. He thinks strategically, but has a healthy respect for the smallest details of execution. He has the most fun tackling big, messy, complex design problems, and has done so as a design professional for brands both big (Owens Corning, Trek Bicycle, Coca-Cola) and small (Pesky Squirrel Apiary, Textual, The Office for Lost Objects).

When not at work, you’d have luck finding him by flipping a coin between outside (kayaking, cycling), or inside (designing and building furniture).

Eric Tomlinson

Eric Tomlinson Associate Partner / Oldest Living Millennial

Eric’s background in math led him down a career path analyzing large datasets. But it turned out he was more excited to design the final report than to crunch the numbers. After years moonlighting as a hobbyist designer, he left his day job and started training the right side of his mind.

Now that making art is part of his everyday gig, his other adventures find him exploring small town festivals, riding roller coasters, and continuing his pursuit of the perfect cinnamon roll.



We’ve been fortunate over the years to work with some of the best, brightest folks in design.