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Admissions Materials


Beloit College is one of the country’s oldest, best liberal arts colleges, tucked down along Wisconsin-Illinois border. Beloit faces steady pressure from the big names out East, media scrutiny over the cost of higher education, and the lingering effects of the economic downturn. They needed to refresh their admissions materials to prove their value and bring more qualified students to the college.


Beloit prides itself on putting its teachings to practice — getting students out of the classroom and into the field — and on letting students dictate the direction of their studies. While other colleges were running from being called “liberal arts,” we wore it as a badge of honor. A focused, self-directed education is what Beloit is all about. We started with a small intro booklet to celebrate the deliciously practical side of living liberal arts.


We’ll report back once the hard data comes back from admissions, but anecdotally, students, staff, and alumni have all gushed about finally having words to put to their experience and a touchstone for what it means to be a “Beloiter Beloiting Beloit.” In the meantime, we’re putting the finishing touches on a much larger piece….

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