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Fast Forward Identity

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Fast Forward Identity


Beloit College’s new President, Scott Bierman, brought with him an exciting new thought on how to raise funds, called “Fast Forward”. Rather than doing a single, overarching annual campaign, Scott wanted to create a flurry of very targeted programs, each with a small, tangible goal. All the programs needed to be tied together under a single, identifiable brand, while being flexible enough to take on anything from revamping the cafeteria to funding a student trip to Kenya.


We created an identity system that felt like the ink was still wet, with a forward-moving logo and a custom typeface (called “Lonesome George”) that could be used to tie any initiative to the Fast Forward campaign. We challenged students to take the logo and integrate it into the part of the campus each campaign focused on — a ketchup logo for a program focused on the cafeteria, a logo made of red books for one about the library.


With the success of the Fast Forward campaign, we were invited to take the concept to their core program, the Beloiter Fund — an ongoing campaign to fund students and student activities on campus. We flipped the logo 90° and it became a place marker, focused on their home at Beloit.

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