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Better Stories Direct Mail


Better Stories Direct Mail


In 2008, after good 4 years in business, we decided it was high time to introduce ourselves. We wanted to send a little friendly hello to some folks we’d admired but didn’t know yet. What to send them, though? They’re busy. They don’t need more junk. We needed a calling card.


We created a little letterpress piece inviting our newfound friends to tell better stories, including laser die-cut chairs, campfire, roasting hot dogs, and a free beer coaster, all sent out in hand-silkscreened translucent envelopes.


Not only did this piece help us make new friends and clients, it has been featured in magazines like Communication Arts and HOW Magazine, our favorite blogs like Allan Peters and Grain Edit, and been published in beautiful books like Impressive, Fingerprint 2, and Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty.

Screen printing by our great friends up at Studio on Fire in Minneapolis — you should use them.

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