Small and mighty!
Sales Collateral


Sales Collateral


Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) is a Minnesota-based agricultural company that manufactures heavy-duty tilling and planting equipment. When they came to us, they were still very much in start-up mode, looking to expand their market and introduce several new products. With a very limited budget, they were in desperate need of a sharper brand, a new website, and a cohesive set of marketing materials.


Leaning on the design language of classic, industrial manuals, we created information booklets for each of their products and housed them in ETS-branded outer sleeve. With a cleaned-up, consistent visual language throughout, we helped ETS create a more professional, cohesive presentation that speaks to the muscle and heft of their machines.


Because the materials we created were that were 2-color, we were able to meet ETS’s sales needs while staying well within their print budget.


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