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Brand Introduction Mailer


Brand Introduction Mailer


Filene Research Institute is an independent, non-profit organization that conducts research and creates products for the consumer finance industry.Think of them like the R&D arm of the credit union industry. As their business model changed from just doing research, to creating innovative solutions based upon their research, Filene needed a way to re-introduce themselves and their new process to their member base.


After we did a complete rebrand of Filene, which included new identity and website, we created this pocket-sized, multi-panel introduction piece that outlined Filene’s Think>Do>Change process on one side. And as folks deeply rooted in research, it just made sense to include statistics and fun data points about Filene on the flip side.


Sent out to Filene’s member base, the introduction to the new Filene was very well-received. It provided a good touchpoint for members to keep Filene and the good work they do top of mind.

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