Small and mighty!
Krampus Defence Kit


Krampus Defence Kit


Each year, around the holidays, we ask ourselves, “What are we gonna give our clients and friends?” Reindeer wrapping paper? A weird cheese basket? A baked ham? Not this year.


Krampus is the “bad cop” to Santa’s “good cop.” While Santa leaves gifts, Krampus punishes the naughty. After centuries haunting small Alpine villages, we found out Krampus was making his way stateside. We lovingly hand-assembled defense kits to help protect our friends and colleagues: scissors to escape from his burlap bag, a handy guidebook, special no-slip socks for quick escapes, and jingle bells (he is deathly afraid of jingle bells). We also made a Krampus detector for the iPhone and tracked his movements on his Twitter feed.


None of our friends were beaten or kidnapped by Krampus.

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